COVID-Safe space for therapists and counsellors

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious consequences for therapists and counsellors, having forced many of us to adapt swiftly to new, and sometimes trying, ways of working with our patients and clients.

OSTR recognises that many practitioners may not have a suitable environment to facilitate working from home, and many practitioners who have been able to work from home are beginning to feel that doing so is not sustainable in the long-term, at least for some patients.

Orchard Street Therapy Rooms provides an excellent opportunity for those wishing to conduct sessions from a COVID-19 safe and secure space; allowing practitioners to stick together, feel connected and return to some semblance of normality in a world shaped by the pandemic.

Regular professional cleaning

We ensure regular professional cleans are undergone to ensure excellent hygiene standards are consistently maintained, with a particular focus on the disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door knows and chair arms.

Hygiene products made available throughout the building

To ensure that surfaces are constantly being disinfected, we have provided both soft and hard surface disinfectant sprays in every room, as well as in common areas; practitioners are required to use these prior to vacating a room to ensure that rooms are always left clean before the next practitioner arrives.

Spacious rooms allowing for social distancing

We have spacious, naturally lit, consulting rooms allow for social distancing measures for those opting to continue seeing patients and clients in-person.

Air ventilation systems in every consulting room

Good air ventilation is essential to stopping the spread of the coronavirus; each consulting room has been equipped with an air filtration system with true HEPA filters and UV-C technology. Not only that, our consulting rooms boast large windows, providing plenty of natural light, that can be opened for a substantial circulation of air during sessions.

Touchless hygiene stations for good hand hygiene

We understand good hand hygiene is one of the most crucial measures we can take to protect ourselves, and each other, against the transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, we have touchless hygiene automation dispensers at the entrance to ensure all who visit the building are practicing good hygiene at all times.