OSTR’s Covid-19 Response

04/09/20 UPDATE: From the 14th of September 2020, all persons visiting 11 Orchard Street must wear a mask in the communal areas of the building (the entrance, hallways, stairs, landings and common rooms) unless exempt from doing so as per the official UK Government advice.

11 Orchard Street will be reopening for in-person sessions from the 6th of July 2020 – anyone visiting the building should follow the UK Government’s existing guidance. In travelling to Orchard Street, we encourage people to avoid using public transport if possible. In addition, we have put the following safety measures in place, which everyone visiting 11 Orchard Street must comply with during this time:

  • All SIP training seminars and meetings have been suspended for the time being to minimise the number of individuals visiting the building
  • Room bookings have been staggered to reduce ‘pressure on the door’ and help us control the number of individuals present in the building at any one time
  • Resumed regular professional cleaning services, with a focus on the disinfection of surfaces throughout the building
  • Made additional hand washing stations available for practitioners to reduce congestion of the cloakroom facilities
  • Provided detailed information for all therapists working at Orchard Street
  • Invested in air purification systems with true HEPA filters and UV-C technology for all consulting and meeting rooms

In the Consulting Rooms..

  • If using the couch, practitioners are required to lay a disposable couch tissue over the full length of the couch
  • If using the armchairs, practitioners are required to lay a disposable tissue over the headrest area of the chair
  • Lidded pedal bins are provided in each consulting room for the safe disposal of facial tissues and single-use couch tissues
  • Consulting room furniture has been arranged to ensure a 2-metre distance can be maintained between therapist and patient
  • Therapists are required to open windows to maximise room ventilation during sessions
  • Consulting room doors are to be left open to maximise room ventilation between sessions
  • Therapists are required to wipe down any surfaces touched using the surface disinfectant and spray the chair(s) and/or couch, if used, with the soft-furnishing disinfectant provided, before they leave the consulting room

In the entrance hall, stairways and hallways..

  • Hand sanitiser has been made available on the ground floor; everyone entering the building must sanitise their hands upon arrival, and prior to exiting the building
  • High-touch surfaces including stair banisters and door handles are being disinfected regularly throughout the day, though we recommend avoiding contact with high-touch surfaces where possible
  • Signs reminding people to socially distance and wash hands have been displayed throughout the building
  • All visitors are required to wear masks in communal areas unless exempt from doing so as per the official UK Government advice

In the cloakrooms..

  • Only one person is permitted in the women’s cloakroom at any time
  • The outer door to the women’s anteroom will remain open
  • Lidded pedal pins are provided for the safe disposal of single-use hand towels
  • Anyone using the cloakroom facilities is required to spray any surfaces touched (i.e. doorknobs, locks, taps, flushers) using the surface disinfectant provided
  • Signs and posters to increase awareness of good hand washing techniques are displayed throughout

If you have any questions or concerns about visiting Orchard Street after reading the above information, we recommend discussing this directly with your therapist.